Introducing ‘Unlocking Big Data’

On 28 January the Met Office will be hosting an event produced by the Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board entitled “Unlocking Big Data: Investing in Human Capital”. The goal of this event is to explore the explosion of Big Data, focusing particularly on how this new and rapidly expanding field can be translated into new education and career opportunities for people in the Exeter and Greater Devon area.

Our all-day event will feature five guest speakers coming from widely varied backgrounds, all leading authorities in various aspects of the Big Data revolution.

Unlike the typical conference-style event, attendees at Unlocking Big Data will be encouraged to participate actively in the day: In addition to having time set aside for break-out discussions between speakers’ presentations, attendees also will be encouraged to make use of a dedicated online network for submitting anonymous comments and reflections on the topics being explored, and on the event itself. Likewise, we will also encourage all attendees who have a Twitter account to make ample use of it; please feel free to submit comments regarding the event using the hashtag #UnlockingBigData — and remember to follow our Twitter feed, @ExeterSkills.


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