Participation at ‘Unlocking Big Data’

At a typical conference, speakers do all the talking, while attendees simply sit and listen. But at ‘Unlocking Big Data’, we envision attendee participation in discussions taking a central role in the day’s events. A significant component of attendee participation will rely on the Internet: We have set up a private website where delegates will be able to log in and submit comments on the event—the topics discussed, the speakers, and their experience of the event itself. At several points over the course of the day, we will be running real-time analyses on these comments, and reporting those findings to the group. These comments will be anonymous; no personal data will be attached to them. But feedback from our delegates is an important part of the day, so please remember to bring your wireless-enabled devices—smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. When you arrive at the Met Office, you will be given instructions for accessing their guest wi-fi, as well as our website.

Additionally, we encourage attendees to use Twitter to communicate their thoughts and ideas about the event, as well as to engage with other attendees and the larger Big Data community. You can use the hashtag #UnlockingBigData to discuss the event, as well as to continue the discussion afterward. You can follow us on Twitter at @ExeterSkills. If you don’t have a Twitter account, we encourage you to get one! It’s easy to get started, and it will further your ability to engage with other participants at ‘Unlocking Big Data’, as well as with the larger Big Data community.


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