‘Unlocking Big Data’ in Review

Photo of attendees talking at the Met Office during the Big Data event
Attendees meeting during a break between talks. © Torben Sommer

More than 80 people turned out for our Unlocking Big Data event at the Met Office on the 28th of January. The event brought in speakers who are experts in various facets of the Big Data phenomenon to share their insights, and to encourage discussion on what Big Data is, and how it can translate into business and employment opportunities for people in our community.

Big Data speakers posing together at the Met Office during the Big Data event
Our speakers pose for a photo at the Met Office during the event. © Torben Sommer

Attendees came from a wide variety of backgrounds—from students considering what a career in Big Data might entail, to local employers learning how Big Data can benefit their businesses, to seasoned data scientists looking to share their knowledge and experience with others. But hopefully everyone came away knowing more about Big Data, and having some idea what opportunities it can bring to the Greater Exeter area.

While our speakers’ talks served to educate and lend focus, they weren’t the only ones talking: Time was set aside throughout the day for attendees to meet and discuss the points our speakers raised, and ask and answer questions about Big Data amongst each other.

In addition to the discussion happening in the room, attendees also shared their thoughts on Twitter, using the #UnlockingBigData hashtag, and on a private comments submission system reserved exclusively for the event.

Big Data attendees grouped together having discussions and posting online messages via their wireless devices
Attendees conversing together, and sharing their thoughts virtually. © Lauren Trew
#UnlockingBigData screen shot
A small sample of the lively discussion had on the #UnlockingBigData Twitter feed

Some thoughts and comments from ‘Unlocking Big Data’ attendees:

“Great talks throughout the day! In general, I think more work needs to be done in educating everyone in the use of big data. It could have so many benefits to many companies but needs to be approached correctly.”

“…thoroughly engaging and designed to meet a broad audience base.”

“Having a culture that rewards and acknowledges innovation helps, allow people to experiment, and even to fail, to foster innovation.”

Did you attend ‘Unlocking Big Data’? Would you like to see another event like it in the future? Please feel free to leave comments below!


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