REEP – Outcomes Touch Hearts and Motivate Partners to Do More


Nine young people had a chance to shine and the deserved opportunity to get on track. Together with their mentors they are making the transition to work and/or training. But our initial summary evaluation reveals the power of Rugby Empowering Employment Programme (REEP) to motivate and matter extends well beyond the young people themselves!

  • For partner organisations who work with those, not in education, employment or training (NEETs) REEP was motivational. Nine young people started the intensive first phase of REEP Phase and not only completed the initial programme but grew as a result of it. For those partners working in the field the tangible outcomes have already touched hearts and motivated them to do more.
  • Partner organisations worked in partnership throughout planning and delivery, and continue to do so. These relationships were fundamental to REEP but have benefits beyond it. ‘We’ understand each other better, our strengths, constraints, offering and our willingness to make a positive difference.
  • REEP Mentors trained through the project are already helping to facilitate the young people in their transition to work or training. The substantial personal and project investment in the REEP Mentors is already making a positive difference and will continue to benefit society in the longer term
  • REEP has an impact at a Strategic level complementing a number of current strategic plans, helping to deliver some of their aims and objectives and to contribute to targets.
  • REEP partners are driven by the moral, ethical and economical imperative to act. They consider the cost of not investing in these Young People, and as the Chief Executive of Exeter City Council said at the celebration event “Every individual matters”.

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