We need more Big Data Champions

Big Data Human Resource Drill Down and Sample Comments
Graph showing the Human Resource Drill Down & Sample Comments

We tried something new at the Unlocking Big Data – Investing in Human Capital event. We dispensed with the flip charts and the break-out sessions and gathered, analysed, presented and interpreted the real-time contributions of delegates.

So how did we find out that we need more Big Data Champions?

In addition to the discussion happening in the room, attendees also shared their thoughts on Twitter, using the #UnlockingBigData hashtag and on a private comments submission system reserved exclusively for the event. Paul Howarth from PanSensic undertook the analysis of 174 free field comments from 5 stakeholder groups made through the submission system and then presented his initial analysis and interpretation to the delegates.

The headlines were:

Extracting value from Big Data
  • Resistance to change
  • Cost/benefits of working with Big Data
  • Understanding the value in Big Data & how to get at it
  • Challenges for SME’s
Human Resource
  • Concerned with what kind of people we want, how to identify them and attract them, how to train and keep them
  • The high cost of skills, team building and integration into the organisation
  • How do we know what skills are required, will be required?
  • How do we teach them and how do we keep up?
  • How do we get young people into the field?
  • How do we tap into existing expertise?

Following the event, in-depth analysis drilled down into each of the themes and a series of PanSensic lenses was used to reveal even more. The PanSensic Mercury lens, a way of looking at “personality essence” revealed the lack of Big Data Champions and Route Finders. Big Data Champions and Route Finders help create a virtuous circle – open to change, embraces the cost benefit analysis and leads to a greater understanding of the value of Big Data, and so on.

Graph showing the findings revealed by the PanSensic Mercury Lens
Graph showing the findings revealed by the PanSensic Mercury Lens

The new Met Office super-computer, the opening of the first building on the Science Park, the growing concentration of STEM industries and organisations points to a vibrant digital future. A future which requires access to talent to take it forward.


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