REEP attracts attention

Ed receives his REEP certificate from Dr Phil Norrey
Ed with Dr Phil Norrey (c) Archant

Every Individual Matters

On Friday 22 May, Dr Phil Norrey, Chief Executive of Devon County Council, presented REEP certificates to four young people, and Mark Shepherd, Chair of Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board (EHOD ESB), commended the individuals and the Motiv-8sw team.  They echoed the message “Every individual matters” which had been the theme of Karime Hassan, Chief Executive of Exeter City Council, at the REEP 1 celebration event held just three months earlier.

Teamwork and goals

Motiv-8sw’s team, Kieron Yeoman (Training Director) and Royden Scott, are “special” former Royal Marines who connect, care for and challenge young people, boosting their confidence and skills. This helps individuals to focus their ideas and to make positive steps towards employment. Together with trained volunteer mentors they build a strong, long-term support framework tailored to the individual’s needs. Mentor Tim Baker from Midas is partnered with Matt C, while Mike Blakeley from Exeter College mentors Ed. They were all there to celebrate at the event on Friday along with parents, project partners and employers. Over the coming months everyone, especially the young people themselves, will be digging deep and working towards their identified goals. Initial thoughts on possible destinations include:

Ed Ethical craft creative business, possibly Exeter Maritime
David The Royal Navy
Matt B Teacher or Teaching Assistant in a secondary school
Matt C Retail and in particular Tesco

REEP attracts attention

The REEP success story is attracting attention. ‘Inside Out’ BBC Spotlight’s current affairs programme has been following REEP 2 and REEP 1 participants on their journeys. They are hoping to broadcast their documentary in September. Journalists from Archant are currently researching a piece to a similar deadline and their photographer joined in the celebration on Friday too.

Win, Win, Win

Despite current high levels of employment, Young People on REEP 1 and 2 tell us that there are more individuals who can benefit from this programme. Reaching these young people is a challenge in itself. Regardless of a referring agency’s criteria, we have been able to offer free REEP places. However, #RWC2015 Legacy funds which have largely funded REEP 1 and 2 ends with these four young people; it has positively changed the lives of those it has touched through REEP. Sandra Sampson, Director of Motiv-8sw who has been leading the programme with the EHOD ESB said: “REEP is a Win, Win,Win”


Businesses and mentors Young People


Mentor training and practice contributes to CPD and brings about better business performance. Mentees may become future employees and/or customers. Gain confidence, skills and a desire to make positive steps in their lives and gain employment. Caring and thriving communities value every individual. Young positive people who are working contribute to their communities and in time become role models for their own families.

Huge return on Investment

Oenone Thomas, Partnerships and Projects Manager Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board (EHOD ESB), said “Whatever your perspective the ‘Return on Investment’ is huge. We like to focus on the human cost and the Social Return on Investment but we are acutely aware that those contributing towards programmes like REEP need to justify their decisions in terms of financial returns on investment and value for money too. We value our employer partners who are motivated by more than their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, especially those who are embedded in their community and have a fundamental connection to the interests and motivation of their people, as well as their careers”.


Soon REEP will become BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme). As well as a new logo, we are designing a new business model to continue the vital and extremely rewarding work which is centred on “Every Individual Matters”. The lives of thirteen young people and those working with them have been changed for the better. Please contact Sandra Sampson on 0844 848 9594 to find out more about BEEP if you want to make a positive difference to someone’s life.


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