Llewellyn Nicholls (right) celebrating with Matt (right) his mentee
Llewellyn Nicholls (right) celebrating with Matt (left) his mentee (c) Archant

The Rugby Empowering Employment Programme (REEP) is currently making a positive difference to the lives of young people between 16-24 years who were struggling to take their first steps on the career ladder. Following an intensive 10 day programme young people benefit from on-going mentoring from trained volunteers. REEP has undoubtedly changed the life chances of those involved for the better. We know that mentoring young people can be a challenge and requires constant commitment. Each volunteer is trained in mentoring in order to play their vital part. Our mentors come from different employment and skills backgrounds but they are unified in their desire to give something back, to learn and practise something new, and in their conviction that “every individual matters”. We also know that employers value these transferable mentoring skills too. We are therefore delighted to be working with our current mentors as they work on REEP and use their mentoring skills in a wider context.

James Bogue Active Devon
Llewellyn Nicholls Archant Publishers
Dan Pritchard Astley Media
Scott Walker Devon Community Foundation
Victoria Hatfield Exeter City Council
Mike Blakeley Exeter College
Sam Hyde Met Office
Tim Baker Midas
Sandra Sampson Motiv-8SW
Austin Woodin Former Royal Marine
Chris Shrimpton Retired teacher

REEP will soon become BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme). As the RWC 2015 Legacy funding comes to an end we will be launching BEEP. We would love to hear from businesses who like to become involved and to benefit from BEEP too. Contact Sandra Sampson of Motiv-8SW on 0844 848 9594 to find out more.


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