“firsthand knowledge will enhance the service”

Promoting RWC 2015 coming to Devon
Promotion of RWC 2015 in Devon

This pilot RWC 2015 Event Customer Service Training for Hospitality and Tourism sectors was highly successful. It received very positive and complimentary delegate feedback, exceeded targets, was within budget and developed a model which could be adapted for training in preparation for other significant events in this region and beyond.

Some learning points from the pilot are listed in the table below. We also carefully reflected on other areas including how to reach participants, the information required by Europe and the Skills Funding Agency on the application form, the “Logo Conundrum” (the Catch 22 of logo compliance) and collaborative working. The evaluation report is available in full below.

Learning Point Reason
Use the event venue or location if possible for the training It forms an important part of the learning
Encourage the event venue or location to positively support and engage with the training Ultimately the venue or location will benefit from the training and a positive relationship would add value to the programme
Encourage accreditation, make it free but not compulsory To reinforce value to employers and encourage individuals especially those attracting priority sector payments
Integrate event resources in to the programme delivery To acquaint the delegates with the material and demonstrate its usefulness
Use networks and multi-media for recruitment To reach a broad spectrum of potential delegates and reach those with which you do not currently network
Mix cohorts from different organisations For mutual benefit and more interesting discussions
Invest time in clarifying the funder’s requirements for paperwork at the outset despite the pressures to start to recruit In order to minimise irritation to delegates and work load of training organization

Some interesting facts and figures:

Participants 256
  •  Funded
  • Non-funded
  • Non-eligible
Percentage of target achieved (excluding non-eligible) 109%
City & Guilds Level 2 taken 203
Percentage of delegates undertaking accreditation 79%
Courses delivered 14
Businesses trained 80
Businesses with 1 or 2 delegates 55%
Mean rating of trainers 97%
Mean rating of overall course 91%

Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board and Purple Cloud Consultancy worked well together. Our approach leveraged our capacity to use networks, to quickly formulate the bid for the second tranche of funding and most importantly to access the initial funding opportunity and deliver excellent customer services training to the local hospitality and tourism industry. We would like to work together again!

You can read the complete  RWC2015Customer ServiceEvaluation here.


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