How we work

Employer, Facilitator, Funder and Provider members from across Exeter and the Heart of Devon, work collaboratively to improve people’s lives through Employment and Skills opportunities. Members bring energy, expertise, ideas and resources. The EHOD ESB works by:

Believing in the mission

  • The development of a local World Class Workforce
  • Opportunities for individuals to up-skill and re-skill improve work opportunities
  • The local economy benefits from a skilled workforce and successful work places
  • Collaborative creative working enhances the region’s future sustainability and prosperity
Sharing intelligence

  • Local, regional and national
  • Political and economic change
  • EHOD ESB members
Identifying and setting priorities

  • Preparing for work
  • Progressing in work
  • Sector specific
  • Generic work skills
Raising awareness

  • In the broader community of employment and skills priorities
  • The need for socially conscious work places and workers
  • Opportunities for individuals
Influencing provision and participation

  • Skills provision
  • Business support
  • Policy making
Leading by example

  • Tackling the difficult and not just the ‘low hanging fruit’
  • Being an exemplar Employment and Skills Board composed of exemplar organisations
Committing time

  • Thought, direction and planning
  • Delivery, assessment and evaluation
  • Communication and connections
Engaging with the broader community

  • National, regional and local economic partnerships
  • The Third and Charitable sectors
  • The potential and the current workforce at all abilities, backgrounds and all ages
Investing in human capital

  • To enable all individuals to progress and success
  • For workplaces to become more productive and to grow
Achieving positive results

  • Provides evidence for funding and sponsoring organisations
  • Changes lives for the better
  • Rewards those involved and their colleagues, family and friends
Celebrating success

  • Positive feedback encourages greater participation
  • Counters sometimes ingrained negativity
  • Makes us happier

Doing the right thing!


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Exeter and Heart of Devon – Employment and Skills Board is an independent body and voice for employers, aiming to improve employment across Devon and beyond.

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