Our achievements in 2016

Throughout 2016 we worked with a range of great partners to implement some exciting projects, pilot new ideas and to back local and national campaigns. But we also made a positive difference in three other ways:

Intelligence fusion – combining academic, Think Tank and national sources of intelligence with grounded intelligence from our employers and other partners

Influence – on many levels from Parliamentary Select Committees to an individual very human scale

Inform – partners and the wider community about policy changes, funding opportunities, events and more


World-class Work Experience – Industrial Cadets

  • Started pilot of ‘World-class Work Experience’ with Industrial Cosmic Graduation Friday 22 July 2016Cadets & Education Business Partnership SW which accredits Work Experience with a nationally recognised ‘Silver Level’ standard for 30 hours
  • Explored possibilities for undergraduates and returners

BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme) – BEEP-UK

  • Set up and registered BEEP charityBEEP wad Judi and Jose October 2016
  • Recruited BEEP Trustees, Ambassadors and Mentors
  • Secured funding from Employers for 1 cohort of NEETs
  • Ran first BEEP cohort October 2016
  • Bid for £70K funding to Local Communities – TBD

REEP and BEEP Apprenticeships

  • REEP Award winning apprentice bricklayer on TVreep-apprentice
  • REEP Classroom Assistant apprentice in school
  • BEEP potential mechanic and painting & decorating apprentices
*Rugby Empowering Employment Programme

National Apprenticeship Week

  • Composite in Paint 50Held ‘Tap into Top Talent’ STEM employer breakfast to encourage uptake of Higher & Graduate Apprentices
  • Promoted the University of Exeter BSc Digital Apprenticeships. Work continues.
  • Included on National Apprenticeship Torch route
  • Bid successfully for Skills Funding Agency

Public Sector Apprenticeships

  • dcc-apprentices-2015-graduation-ceremony1Held free event at Met Office for EHOD Public Sector employers
  • Briefed on targets and levy introduction April 2017
  • Provided remote support, advice and connections
  • Facilitated speakers for ECC Middle Managers training

Creative and Cultural Apprenticeships

  • exeter-researchStarted destinations research of creative students for future study, specific sector and work location, and employer needs and preparedness for apprenticeships
  • Started devising Carousel Creative apprenticeships to engage more than Creative SME per apprenticeship
  • Worked with Exeter Cultural Partnership, ECC and Exeter College to continue legacy of Radio 1 weekend


  • Cosmic tweet photo 2Started piloting a Carousel ESB Digital Apprenticeship which engages more than one SME per apprenticeship championed by Cosmic
  • Worked with the University of Exeter to promote the BSc Digital Apprenticeships
  • Devised bid for Digital Employment & Skills Specialist

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) During the Big Bang South West event at Exeter University on the 25th June 2015 - Photo mandatory by-line: Gary Day/Pinnacle - Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 - VAT Reg: 183700120 - Mobile:0797 1270 681 - 25/06/15 - Exeter University, Exeter

  • Worked with ECC to research destinations of STEM students for future study institution and specific sector and investigated knowledge of local employers
  • Intervened to secure Big Bang in Exeter for 2017
  • Supported the Data Analytics Skills escalator

STEAMM – Add Creativity and Medicine to STEM! 

  • capture-of-full-steamm-ahead-no-textHighlighted the value of interdisciplinary teams with strong collaborative capabilities in successful futures
  • Included Exeter Maths School, University of Exeter, Education Business Partnership and Assets for Success
  • Secured generous support from the Met Office

Untapped Talent

  • 160624-project-search Torbay graduates June 2016Organised Business Breakfast near Newton Abbot to encourage employers to employ people with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities. More in 2017.
  • Secured funding from DCC and partnership work with DWP, PLUSS and Westward Pathfinder
  • Received interest from HMG Minister for Disability


  • Growth Point ConstructionArranged Construction Summit to learn from Building Plymouth with CITB, ECC, Exeter College, HotSW LEP
  • Gave E&S advice to EDDC planning for new HQ
  • Gave E&S advice to ECC planning for IKEA
  • Bid for Construction Skills and Employment Specialist

Working with the University of Exeter

  • Grand Challenges - University of Exeter - June 2016Linked Grand Challenges – (interdisciplinary complex problem solving)  with expert employers
  • Liaised with Employment Services – internships, work experience & curriculum enhancements
  • Worked with employers, promoted campaigns and funding bids in support of improving graduate retention
  • Worked to support BSc Digital Apprenticeships


Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board is an independent body and voice for employers, aiming to improve employment across Devon and beyond.

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