Our achievements in 2016

Throughout 2016 we worked with a range of great partners to implement some exciting projects, pilot new ideas and to back local and national campaigns. But we also made a positive difference in three other ways:

Intelligence fusion – combining academic, Think Tank and national sources of intelligence with grounded intelligence from our employers and other partners

Influence – on many levels from Parliamentary Select Committees to an individual very human scale

Inform – partners and the wider community about policy changes, funding opportunities, events and more


World-class Work Experience – Industrial Cadets

  • Started pilot of ‘World-class Work Experience’ with Industrial Cosmic Graduation Friday 22 July 2016Cadets & Education Business Partnership SW which accredits Work Experience with a nationally recognised ‘Silver Level’ standard for 30 hours
  • Explored possibilities for undergraduates and returners

BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme) – BEEP-UK

  • Set up and registered BEEP charityBEEP wad Judi and Jose October 2016
  • Recruited BEEP Trustees, Ambassadors and Mentors
  • Secured funding from Employers for 1 cohort of NEETs
  • Ran first BEEP cohort October 2016
  • Bid for £70K funding to Local Communities – TBD

REEP and BEEP Apprenticeships

  • REEP Award winning apprentice bricklayer on TVreep-apprentice
  • REEP Classroom Assistant apprentice in school
  • BEEP potential mechanic and painting & decorating apprentices
*Rugby Empowering Employment Programme

National Apprenticeship Week

  • Composite in Paint 50Held ‘Tap into Top Talent’ STEM employer breakfast to encourage uptake of Higher & Graduate Apprentices
  • Promoted the University of Exeter BSc Digital Apprenticeships. Work continues.
  • Included on National Apprenticeship Torch route
  • Bid successfully for Skills Funding Agency

Public Sector Apprenticeships

  • dcc-apprentices-2015-graduation-ceremony1Held free event at Met Office for EHOD Public Sector employers
  • Briefed on targets and levy introduction April 2017
  • Provided remote support, advice and connections
  • Facilitated speakers for ECC Middle Managers training

Creative and Cultural Apprenticeships

  • exeter-researchStarted destinations research of creative students for future study, specific sector and work location, and employer needs and preparedness for apprenticeships
  • Started devising Carousel Creative apprenticeships to engage more than Creative SME per apprenticeship
  • Worked with Exeter Cultural Partnership, ECC and Exeter College to continue legacy of Radio 1 weekend


  • Cosmic tweet photo 2Started piloting a Carousel ESB Digital Apprenticeship which engages more than one SME per apprenticeship championed by Cosmic
  • Worked with the University of Exeter to promote the BSc Digital Apprenticeships
  • Devised bid for Digital Employment & Skills Specialist

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) During the Big Bang South West event at Exeter University on the 25th June 2015 - Photo mandatory by-line: Gary Day/Pinnacle - Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 - VAT Reg: 183700120 - Mobile:0797 1270 681 - 25/06/15 - Exeter University, Exeter

  • Worked with ECC to research destinations of STEM students for future study institution and specific sector and investigated knowledge of local employers
  • Intervened to secure Big Bang in Exeter for 2017
  • Supported the Data Analytics Skills escalator

STEAMM – Add Creativity and Medicine to STEM! 

  • capture-of-full-steamm-ahead-no-textHighlighted the value of interdisciplinary teams with strong collaborative capabilities in successful futures
  • Included Exeter Maths School, University of Exeter, Education Business Partnership and Assets for Success
  • Secured generous support from the Met Office

Untapped Talent

  • 160624-project-search Torbay graduates June 2016Organised Business Breakfast near Newton Abbot to encourage employers to employ people with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities. More in 2017.
  • Secured funding from DCC and partnership work with DWP, PLUSS and Westward Pathfinder
  • Received interest from HMG Minister for Disability


  • Growth Point ConstructionArranged Construction Summit to learn from Building Plymouth with CITB, ECC, Exeter College, HotSW LEP
  • Gave E&S advice to EDDC planning for new HQ
  • Gave E&S advice to ECC planning for IKEA
  • Bid for Construction Skills and Employment Specialist

Working with the University of Exeter

  • Grand Challenges - University of Exeter - June 2016Linked Grand Challenges – (interdisciplinary complex problem solving)  with expert employers
  • Liaised with Employment Services – internships, work experience & curriculum enhancements
  • Worked with employers, promoted campaigns and funding bids in support of improving graduate retention
  • Worked to support BSc Digital Apprenticeships


Exeter and Heart of Devon – Employment and Skills Board is an independent body and voice for employers, aiming to improve employment across Devon and beyond.

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