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BEEP benefits from RWC2015 Legacy

Guildhall RWC2015 donation
Cllr Rosie Denham awards cheque to BEEP Trustees

BEEP received a very welcome boost thanks to the sale of Rugby World Cup 2015 banners and bunting used to promote the tournament in Exeter. Pin badges, lanyards, mini balls and other accessories donated by Rugby England 2015 were also sold to raise money. Three England squad players from Exeter Chiefs, Jack Nowell, Geoff Parling and Henry Slade supported the sale by signing two limited edition rugby balls. Councillor Rosie Denham, Lead Councillor for Economy and Culture, presenting the cheque said: “The legacy of Rugby World Cup 2015 is strong in Exeter, and the sale of memorabilia will support the tremendous work of the BEEP programme, part of which is led by enthusiastic volunteers in the business sector to mentor and support young people and give them the confidence to adapt to the sometimes daunting world of work. The project began as part of the Rugby World Cup 2015 Legacy programme and has seen so much success for the young people that it has been adopted by the wider business community. This donation will go towards the next 10-day course once funds have been raised from other sources.” The Exeter & Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board aims to help create a ‘local world-class workforce where every individual matters’  and encourages employers to help BEEP make a positive difference to the lives of young people so that they can become part of a skilled and committed workforce.


Ben Bradshaw backs BEEP

BEEP & Ben Bradshaw
Ben Bradshaw MP finds out about BEEP. (L to R Sandra, Matt, Llewellyn, Ben and Aaron) Photo: Matt Austin

Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter, met with young people and their mentors and employers at an event hosted by Everys Solicitors in Exeter to learn more about the Business Powering Employment Programme (BEEP). He said “It was great to meet Aaron and Matt and find out how BEEP is helping them. It’s really fantastic that they have moved into work and training and are doing so well, as they continue to receive support from their mentors”.

Mentee Matt Baker, 20, from Exeter, said: “The mentoring has been brilliant for me. I meet with Llewellyn quite regularly and it’s pushing me forwards. I’m at Exeter College, and know what I want to do next, to get the qualifications I need to help students with learning difficulties. I’ve got short term and longer term goals and that’s thanks to BEEP. It would be great if the programme keeps growing so more people can benefit.”

Llewellyn Nicholls, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Everys Solicitors and Matt’s mentor, said: “It’s been hugely rewarding being a mentor to Matt.  He has developed hugely over the past few months. His initial goals have now been realised and he’s firmly on the career ladder. His determination has really shone through.”

The programme (initially called REEP) used Rugby World Cup 2015 legacy funds and generous support from Exeter and Heart of Devon Employment and Skills Board partners but is now being expanded to support more young people across Devon. Support from businesses across Devon is needed if the programme is to reach its potential. Companies can support BEEP through a range of partnership opportunities, including sponsorship and mentor training, which supports the personal development of employees through becoming a mentor.

Ben Bradshaw said “It’s important now that companies get involved and support, because these are our future employees and have so much to offer if we can work with them and help them develop the skills and confidence to move forwards in their lives.”

Sandra Sampson, Director of Motiv-8sw, who has been helping to run the programme said “It’s transforming. Often the young people have been out of work or education for some time, have lost their confidence and are at a low ebb. The programme is already delivering fantastic results, genuinely helping to turn people’s lives around, but we really need to scale it up so we can help more.”

BEEP helps young people learn through performance coaching techniques and then on-going support from a mentor. Over 95 per cent of those who have been on the programme have gone on to secure work and training opportunities. As well as making a huge difference to the life of a young person, the programme provides benefits for mentors. BEEP delivers training to all mentors, equipping them with transferable skills which can be used in the workplace.

Organisations interested in getting involved and supporting the programme, should contact Sandra Sampson at Motiv-8sw on 01392 873939 and sandra@motiv-8sw.co.uk or visit BEEP.


In the Spotlight!

Rewarding hard work and celebrating success. Young People and Mentors RWC 2015 Tickets.
Rewarding hard work and celebrating success. Young People and Mentors RWC 2015 Tickets.

BBC Spotlight has been documenting the progress of some of the young people on our REEP work-readiness pilot. Film maker, Phil Tuckett and his colleagues have successfully squeezed ten intensive life-changing months into ten minutes! The film is due to be aired on BBC at 19:30 hours on 28 September, the day before the first RWC 2015 game at Sandy Park when Tonga meets Namibia.

To reward their fabulous efforts and celebrate their achievements, the young people and their trained volunteer mentors will attend the Tonga v Namibia match courtesy of the RWC 2015 Legacy Fund. But the celebrations start earlier in the day with a pre-match lunch and catch-up meeting kindly sponsored by Midas in the wonderful Estuary Room, at Darts Farm. Michael Dart was pleased to be able to support REEP and the positive difference it makes to the young people and the community.

As the RWC 2015 Legacy Funding ends and in order to continue this immensely successful initiative we are launching BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme) on 1 October. We hope that businesses will see BEEP as more than Corporate Social Partnership, acknowledge that it is the “right thing to do” and makes good business sense too. If you would like to find out more about “the Great BEEP Launch” contact Sandra Sampson of Motiv-8SW on 0844 848 9594.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in REEP. REEP exemplifies our mantra “every individual matters” and was a remarkably successful partnership project.

“Big smiles all round”

REEP is for any young person between 16-24 years who is struggling to take first steps on their career ladder. With the benefit of an intensive 10 day programme and on-going mentoring from trained volunteers REEP is currently making a positive difference to the lives of two groups of young people


REEP 1 individuals celebrated a successful end to their 10 day programme on Friday 13th February and since then 8 of the 9 young people have continued to make real progress. Their volunteer mentors maintain their support which can bring many challenges but which has undeniably had a very positive impact. This is what Charlie who is working for an IT company reported to his mentor:

 “Anyway! Good to hear from you, everything is going pretty darn well with the job, still there and my probation period is up at the end of May so it’s all looking pretty good. They’ve already got me going up and around the country to do stuff at our other sites, including today where I’ve been up to Oxford to fix a bunch of stuff.

That REEP course though has really helped me out with my confidence and all as well, lost a bunch of weight already and buying a motorbike in the next couple weeks, so it’s all go!

 Thanks for the job advert, really, I don’t think I’ll be applying for anywhere at the moment though, one of the first times I’ve really enjoyed my job; great people, good work, never bored and waiting for anything and it’s right up my alley, big smiles all round!”

 An inspiring update on the young people on REEP 1:

Aaron Doing voluntary work for Hospice Care, has applied for the Army, looking to do CSCS card and possibly finding work in construction
Amy Working at Crealy Park
Charlie Working at Co-op, completed CSCS card
Charlie Working at an IT company and contributing to REEP 2
Hamish Applied for Bricklayers apprenticeship at Exeter College
Jacob (Jacob’s mentor is trying to make contact sadly without success at the moment.)
Jemima Working at Coaches Cafe
Mike Working at Devon Recycling
Ryan Re-taking CSCS card, improving CV and has a part-time job at Yodel

Meanwhile young people on REEP 2 are just coming to the end of their 10 day programme. REEP 2 is a smaller group of young men who have overcome significant multiple challenges to make huge amounts of progress on the programme. Some young people have not received help from any of the usual agencies. Confidence, self-esteem and aspiration building have been fundamental stepping stones to their progress. They have met their new mentors. For one young man who was extremely nervous and who literally froze prior to the first meeting with his mentor Motiv8-SW’s coaching and mentoring techniques successfully persuaded him to meet his mentor. His satisfaction at finally overcoming his severe lack of self-confidence was immense.

We are looking forward to the REEP 2 presentation day Friday 22 May at St Loye’s. We are really proud of the REEP programme and cannot thank everyone enough for their help, time and involvement. REEP 1 has an 89% success rate of young people starting the REEP programme to progressing into work. But we are we are fortunate to be able to and feel compelled to focus on every individual as an individual. Where other programmes targeting unemployed young people may have cancelled a programme with a small number of individuals we have remembered that “every individual matters”.

Once again thank you to everyone who has supported REEP. Between us all we are making a positive difference to young people’s lives!

REEP reaps more!

Sandra (right) catching up with Amy during a working day at Crealy
Sandra (right) catching up with Amy during a working day at Crealy

REEP could be EEP! REEP gets its name from Rugby Empowering Employment Programme. The connection to rugby is due to generous funding from Rugby World Cup 2015 legacy funding. REEP uses some sporting values: preparation, commitment, hard work, skill and collaboration but in reality REEP is for any young person between 16-24 years who is struggling to take first steps on their career ladder regardless of their interest in sport or rugby.

Young people from the first REEP are still on track! They are demonstrating their determination, newly acquired skills and confidence, whilst continuing their valuable relationships with trained volunteer mentors.

We are delighted that a second REEP project will start on Monday 11 May 2015. We would like to hear from three groups of people:

  • Young people aged 16-24 years from East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge who would like to join the project. Charlie from the first REEP programme said: “The course leaders have been great. They know how to motivate and really got everyone to open up… the course has been good for me already.” Charlie is now working for an Exeter IT company.
  • Potential mentors who receive free training to help them with their vital role of helping young people transition from the REEP 10 day programme in to work or education. Sandra, Amy’s volunteer mentor from the first REEP programme said “Amy was devastated when she was initially unsuccessful at her first interview at Crealy (before REEP), this shows how empowering this 10 day programme is and how her renewed confidence and skills have resulted in such a positive outcome for Amy”. 
  • Employers who would consider recruiting a local young person who has completed the REEP programme and who has the support of a mentor. Craig Clews, Assistant General Manager at Devon’s Crealy Great Adventure Park said: “It was a real pleasure to attend the REEP presentation day and I’m delighted that Amy got in contact with me.  We’re thrilled that she’ll be joining the Crealy Crew. We’re always on the search for new talent, especially those with a ‘Can Do’ attitude and Amy showed just that.  We are fortunate to be able to offer flexible working in a fun environment at Crealy. New members of the team will join us for our biggest and best year to date.”

“Every individual matters” (Karime Hassan, Exeter City Council Chief Executive and Growth Director ) so we encourage you to find out more about REEP by reading the blogs posted here or by contacting Motiv8-SW on 0844 848 9594.

REEP Young People on track!

Young Person presentation of themself
Starting out 7 weeks ago and still on track!

REEP Young People are on track! They are demonstrating their determination, newly acquired skills and confidence, whilst continuing their valuable relationships with trained volunteer mentors. This is the latest update:

Aaron* Is doing voluntary work at Hospice Care with a view to full time employment
Amy Is working full time at Crealy
Charlie* Has signed up for the Transplant course that is running this week, is doing his construction green card and forklift training
Charlie Is working full time at IT company
Hamish* Has been on work experience as a labourer and is currently in the process of trying to obtain his CSCS card
Jacob* Is looking to sort his CSCS card
Jemima Is working full time at Coach’s café, still trying to pursue further training for a Midwifery course
Mike* Has applied for an apprenticeship in brick laying through Exeter College and hopes to hear this week
Ryan Is sorting out an interview at the Job Centre today for Tool Hire

Importantly, for the local construction sector and for the young people themselves a large construction company are interested in meeting all the young people* who expressed an interest in a career in construction.

“Every individual matters” to the mentors, to the partners, to parents and carers, and now thanks to REEP to each one of the young people themselves.

REEP – Outcomes Touch Hearts and Motivate Partners to Do More


Nine young people had a chance to shine and the deserved opportunity to get on track. Together with their mentors they are making the transition to work and/or training. But our initial summary evaluation reveals the power of Rugby Empowering Employment Programme (REEP) to motivate and matter extends well beyond the young people themselves!

  • For partner organisations who work with those, not in education, employment or training (NEETs) REEP was motivational. Nine young people started the intensive first phase of REEP Phase and not only completed the initial programme but grew as a result of it. For those partners working in the field the tangible outcomes have already touched hearts and motivated them to do more.
  • Partner organisations worked in partnership throughout planning and delivery, and continue to do so. These relationships were fundamental to REEP but have benefits beyond it. ‘We’ understand each other better, our strengths, constraints, offering and our willingness to make a positive difference.
  • REEP Mentors trained through the project are already helping to facilitate the young people in their transition to work or training. The substantial personal and project investment in the REEP Mentors is already making a positive difference and will continue to benefit society in the longer term
  • REEP has an impact at a Strategic level complementing a number of current strategic plans, helping to deliver some of their aims and objectives and to contribute to targets.
  • REEP partners are driven by the moral, ethical and economical imperative to act. They consider the cost of not investing in these Young People, and as the Chief Executive of Exeter City Council said at the celebration event “Every individual matters”.