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Prevent Duty – Home Office Training in Exeter

Rod Davies from Dorset & Somerset Training Provider Network has let us know that a new law will come onto the statute books in July which will require educational establishments to put structures in place to ensure, amongst other things, that learners on their programmes are not radicalised. The aim is to improve how local government, the health service, schools, universities, Further Education, Work Based Learning and others work together to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.

The provider response to this duty will be inspected under the new Common Inspection Framework by Ofsted and in some cases is already being considered at inspection. This duty is considered significant and is a must for all providers. It will be looked at as a part of safeguarding and as one secondary school has already discovered failure to address it can result in a grade 3 or 4.

The Dorset and Somerset Training Provider Network would like to invite two delegates from each organisation, a strategic leader and an organisation champion to an event to support implementation of the duty. The event venue details, description and outcomes are below:

Event Description  

Date: Tuesday 1st September 2015
Time: 09:00 to 12:30 hours
Venue: Flybe Training Centre, Exeter
Trainers: The Home Office

Prevent is about stopping people being drawn into extremism and becoming terrorists. The workshop builds our understanding of how young people can become radicalised and be vulnerable to extreme views and actions which could lead to acts of violent extremism. Practitioners working with young people may well become aware of changes and signs that might indicate the early stages of vulnerability to extremism. Extremism in itself is not illegal but practitioners need to be aware of potential signs that may be part of a pathway to terrorism.

Event Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the Prevent agenda and be able to identify your role within it
  • Recognise signs that a Young Person may be vulnerable to radicalisation
  • Receive a clear picture of the risks and threats both nationally and at a local level
  • Develop knowledge and confidence to discuss grievances
  • Gain a raised awareness of the key issues and how these can be tackled by all agencies Increase your agency’s capacity to prevent violent extremism.

Places are limited to 50, to book a place on the event please contact Rod Davis r.davis@dstpn.co.uk by 24th July 2015.